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Awesome cd pure Texacan country music. Great lyrics. Chills and goosebumps.
- Country Eagle

Steve Simmons hails from Texas, a fact about which you are never in doubt at any point during 'Calling Me Home'. It is difficult to imagine a record more typical of that state. Simmons' music is heavier than much Texas country, seeming at points to take inspiration from southern rock and even ZZ Top. You're frequently confronted with a dense groove in which fiddle, harmonica and dirty electric guitar all vie for supremacy over a thunderous backbeat. It's a stew which reaches its apotheosis on the outro of the anthemic 'Texas Calling Me Home,' a muscular effort which doubtless goes down a storm live.

Simmons' are vocals robust enough to hold their own against the backing, and he has a distinctive phrasing which is always welcome. There are moments in which his almost pugilistic delivery suggests Warren Zevon, and considering the mordant nature of songs such as 'Bad Attitude' or 'Company Man,' this is rather appropriate. He can also recall that master of wry Texas country, Terry Allen, especially on the half-spoken '70 Model 3/4 Ton Ford'.

- Americana UK

Texan country-man, Steve Simmons has put together a remarkably good album with 'Texas Calling Me Home'; slick, driven, honest and downright on the button, it's a tasty album of finely crafted country songs performed with massive passion and absolute dedication that's near tangible and certainly impressive.

..slick, driven, honest and downright on the button, it's a tasty album of finely crafted country songs performed with massive passion and absolute dedication that's near tangible and certainly impressive.

Simmons may not have the strongest voice I've ever heard but what he lacks in vocal finesse and balls he sure makes up for in passion and persuasion as he becomes at one with his great lyrics and tantalisingly cool country music. Let's face it there's been many a country star who's managed to get by with a 'lesser' voice; country music is more about the idyll, the model, the atmosphere and the belief in the genre and its roots - Steve Simmons scores highly on every aspect that's important and necessary. Certainly, I can't fault this guy's commitment to the cause; everything I'm hearing here is totally nailed and on the mark. Simmons country roots go back a long way and he's admired and followed all the greats that really matter to him. He's taken on board everything he could possibly learn, absorbed it and utilised it in the making of this t'riffic album

Steve Simmons Calling Me Home Album Cover

Country music aint never gonna fade away and die - at least as long as there are Steve Simmons' to carry on the tradition and keep it all live and working. 'Texas Calling Me Home' is a pleasure to behold; Simmons keeps it all tangible even to the less devout of you out there. Simmons provides rhythm guitar accompaniment here and he's called upon a brilliant bunch of like-minded country dudes to assist with everything else. It all seems to have worked out very well cuz 'Texas Calling Me Home' is everything it needs to be and more. Simmons subtle vocal work-outs are more than adequate to bring the lyrics home to the listener - he doesn't try anything other-worldly, he doesn't attempt to go outside his range and he definitely doesn't even entertain the idea of trying to be someone or something he's not. Max credit to the guy; he's kept it true to himself and the album is all the better for its restraint and control.

Steve Simmons Singing

'Texas Calling Me Home' by Steve Simmons is a slick and rewarding work - there's a damn cool vibe that runs through it and it's totally believable and accessible throughout its eleven excellent tracks. Steve Simmons may not be in his first flush of youth but his years of listening, worshipping, learning, studying, practicing and tweaking have done him proud; 'Texas Calling Me Home' aint just another good ol' country work-out - 'Texas Calling Me Home' by Steve Simmons is an excellent album in its own right - it's not trying to be anything other than a musical storybook of truth, observation, lifestyle and commentary. Simmons' almost casual approach to the vocal arts works well and adds well crushed grit to the slick and very foot tappin' songs. Me, I love it. You, well you'll have to give it a try but, if country music is what does it for you, you won't go far wrong with this wonderfully spirited album. 'Texas Calling Me Home' by Steve Simmons is beautifully executed and professionally packaged; the whole damn thing is pretty bloody excellent - a very pleasant change from the hustle and bustle, the high octane cacophony of modern music. 'Texas Calling Me Home' by Steve Simmons is a chilled and enthralling outing of fine country music to enjoy anywhere, anytime. Great stuff!!

- Peter J Brown aka toxic pete